2019 STOMP Classic

After a 17 year hiatus the Stomp Classic returned in 2018!  

50km XC Mountain Bike Marathon with an EPIC single track section (Stomp) & technical features you will not find anywhere else.

Stay tuned for details on 2019!!


Date: TBA

Location: Stake Lake (~20min south of Kamloops)

5 MTB Race Distances:

  • 50km Stomp:  2 laps of the Classic Loop
  • 20km Mediator:  1 lap of the Classic Loop
  • 12km Just GO For It loop
  • 10km Junior Race
  • 1.5km Little Bikers Race

2 Trail Running Distance:

  • 25km Stomp Loop
  • 10km Junior Loop 

And a little history lesson from your awesome race organizers...

The Stomp trail and race was founded in the late 1980s by Paul and Carolyn Berry with Spoke N’Motion.

Mountain Biking in the 80s was a lot different then it is today. Bikes were not as good as today; they were heavy, had no suspension and look beastly. A cool bike out of that era would have been the Rocky Mountain Blizzard. 

The riders were all the same. There were no specific groups. Everybody rode uphill and downhill and did it on the same bike on trails which were rarely created from scratch. Who doesn’t remember John Tomac crushing the XC races and downhill races.

Riders followed old hiking trails and logging roads. The real technical single track did not emerge until the late 80s and the Stomp trail was one of the first of its kind. But it was rare to meet riders on training loops and once you met a fellow biker, you would stop and chat for a while about the tech from the 80s which included Biopace Chainrings, SIS Shifting, U-brakes, Tioga Farmer John Tires and many more cool stuff. 

Now we are well beyond the ancient times; many different bike categories, wheel sizes, electronic shifting and other even cooler gear. 

No matter what Mountain Bike you are riding on, come on out and join us on July 7th and 8th for the Stomp Classic.

The Berry family is excited to have the race back in Kamloops on an expanded trail. The Stomp trail has seen many changes over the years and is growing now weekly. The Kamloops Bike Riders Association is putting a great amount of effort in maintaining many trail systems in Kamloops and surroundings including the Stomp Trail! Support the KBRA by joining or by donating some Trail Karma through Trail Forks.

We hope to see you riding and for sure in July 2018.

Your race organizers, Paul Berry and Bjoern Ossenbrink 


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