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 KBRA Managed Trails:

Batchelor & Stake Lake

Current Projects

  1. Sunrise Recreation Area

2.   Tobiano

Thank you to Tourism Kamloops for working with the cycling community here to release our the first Official Trail Map!

Check it out here:  http://www.tourismkamloops.com/files/TKTrailMap2017Digital2.pdf

Batchelor / Lac du Bois Grasslands Protected Area

Lac Du Bois Grasslands Protected Area is unique in the fact that it is comprised of three distinct zones - lower, upper and middle. Nowhere else in western North America do these grassland communities exist in such close proximity. Grasslands, forests, lakes, ponds, wetlands, riparian areas, estuarine areas, rocky slopes, and cliffs all provide habitat to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The XC trail network for beginner to intermediate trails. in “Batch” have been shoulder season favorites of Kamloops riders for decades. The trail network is now a legitimate and legalized riding area with a recent trails agreement with BC Parks. These are the fastest flowing XC trails in the area with plenty of smooth buffed singletrack through the sagebrush. Always stay on designated trails and roadways when in the park to prevent damage and always keep your bike free of vegetation when entering and exiting the park to prevent the spread of noxious weeds and invasive species.  Find a GeoReferenced PDF Map here. Here you find an instruction on how to use the GeoReferenced PDF Maps.


Stake Lake

Getting hot in town or looking for a different flavor of riding? Head up to Stake Lake 30 minutes West of town to ride the Stake Lake Stomp cross country loop. At 1300m of elevation these trails wind you over rolling terrain through spruce, fir and pine forest. Largely beginner to intermediate in nature, the loop also offers some nice rock faces to add a fun challenge to your ride.

Revitalizing the old Stake Lake Stomp trail is the KBRA’s #1 trail Priority in 2016. In 2015 an ~8km section of singletrack was re-established with a return route on the Stake Lake Ski trails. In 2016 we aim to complete a singletrack loop back to the main parking area.

Stake Lake also boasts 60 km of Nordic ski trails that are available to ride during the summer. Find more information about Stake Lake here.

Kenna Cartwright Park

The trails are the perfect example of Kamloops flow and easy going fun. This is all about cross country riding through pine trees and sagebrush on completely buffed trails that means your fitness level and enthusiasm are the only things to limit your speeds.

The trails in this park are City of Kamloops managed and draped over and around a hilltop that overlooks all but the highest parts of the city so there are tons of opportunities and routes to get your sweat on and then cruise along sidehills or float back down to the trailheads and parking lots. Nothing technical or worrying in this park, and all the trails are well marked at intersections, with maps on sign boards at the 3 major entrances to the park. Find a GeoReferenced PDF Map here.

Harper Mountain

We hate labels… but we’ll use All Mountain/Freeride/Downhill playground of woodwork and stunts to describe the scene at Harper Mountain. You can pedal up to earn your vert, or shuttle up on a rustic and bumpy road. Trucks recommended (4WD when wet), vans with good clearance, and even disposable cars will work just fine too. Shuttle time up – 20 to 30 minutes with loading and unloading. Time to rip down – 15 minutes at race pace or 45 to 60 minutes of casual fun or sessioning of drops, skinnies, and massive booters. Find the map here.

Kamloops Bike Ranch (Juniper & Rose Hill)

The Kamloops Bike Ranch is a huge 26 hectare municipal park right that was one of the first of its kind in Canada back in 2005, and continues to set the mark today as a very progressive riding scene. Downhill trails, race courses for DH, Dual Slalom, and XC climbs, dirt jumps, a foam pit, and large natural steeps and drops… there’s something for everyone once again. Find the map here.

The park was originally built by KBRA and the City of Kamloops, and is now maintained and managed better than ever by the crew of the Kamloops Performance Cycling Center.


This is the “All Mountain” (don’t call it Enduro) destination of choice in Kamloops. The Pineview trails are now legal to ride through the efforts of the KPCC (Kamloops Performance Cycling Center) with an agreement between Sugarloaf Ranch, KGHM Ajax, and the Province of BC. A good solid climb to the top will reward you with several KM’s of twisty winding singletrack on the flat plateau before picking one of several progressive and technical descents back down to your parking spot.

No shuttling access here… earn your turns! Find the map here.

Dewdrop, Tranquille & Westsyde